Message from the CEO

Mary Beth Walsh,Kalleid CEO

Mary Beth Walsh

I’d like to warmly welcome you to the Kalleid website and thank you for your interest in our company. I started Kalleid in 2014 with a vision of providing human-centered consulting services supporting software implementation and process change within scientific organizations.

Most of my previous career was spent managing cheminformatics and bioinformatics commercial software for leading applications in genomics analysis, LIMS, and electronic lab notebooks. I also spent time in the pharmaceutical industry as a portfolio and program manager, supporting Research and Pharmaceutical Development workflows for both GxP and non-GxP applications.

After over a decade working with technologies on the leading edge of the digital revolution in scientific laboratories, I realized something important was being lost in the implementation of these technologies that was causing them to fall far short of their transformative potential. On dozens of projects where cutting-edge technology was being built to address a pressing problem, I watched decisions being made without the input of those who were most impacted by the change, leading to confusion or mistrust.

Kalleid was born out of the understanding that human beings are the center of any successful technology implementation project, and we’ve infused this conviction into everything we do to support our customers. This truism has remained core to our business as our work has extended beyond scientific disciplines to every technology-driven client we support. Our integrated portfolio of software services employs effective change management strategies to ensure the technologies you implement accurately reflect the demands of your business and are understood, adopted, and supported by the people in your organization.

I’m especially proud of the team we’ve brought together to deliver our services. Our team is made up of dedicated and experienced professionals, most with advanced scientific degrees, who understand both the technologies and how to work with people and scientists.

One of our senior team members summed it up best when she said, “we don’t just deliver, we build relationships.” At Kalleid, values such as transparency, empathy, compassion and integrity are part of our corporate DNA. Without these values, trust cannot be earned, and trust is the foundation of all successful partnerships.

I invite you to explore our website further and learn more about our integrated portfolio of services supporting our technology-driven clients. And I very much look forward to putting our human-centered approach to work in solving your most pressing business and technology challenges.


Mary Beth Walsh

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