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Binocular Vision

Five Steps to Successfully Convert
your Classroom Training to eLearning

Nearly 70 million strong, Millennials are now the largest generation in the American workforce. This generation is tech savvy and, having grown up with 24/7 internet access, sees the world as being connected through technology. Millennials often prefer to interact with others via e-mails and text messaging as opposed to face-to-face communication. As such, corporate training for the Millennial generation may best be accomplished through internet-based delivery systems.

Cybersecurity for the Life Sciences R&D Ecosystem

Cybersecurity for the Life Sciences R&D Ecosystem

The rate of data generation is increasing exponentially in today’s technology driven world. This is especially true for R&D activities in the life sciences, where technologies like next generation sequencing (NGS) are creating terabytes of genomics data in a single run. Researchers in pharmaceutical and biotech companies typically work with massive repositories of research, clinical trial, and patient data to help identify and optimize potential new drug candidates, generating proprietary intellectual property (IP) in the process.

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